Chicken Pathia – 1sp

I’m always keen to try a new curry recipe and so when my next door neighbour whipped this one up for me, I knew I had to recreate it for you all. I have adapted the original recipe to suit my own taste (so this version is a little spicier and zestier than the original) but I have to say, it is by far the nicest homemade curry I have tasted. Not only is it 1sp per person but it honestly tastes like it has come straight from an Indian restaurant.

You can serve this curry with the accompaniments of your choice. I served it with some beautiful Pilau Cauliflower Rice. I simply popped the riced cauliflower on a heated greased baking tray, sprinkled it with Swartz Pilau seasoning and put in the oven on 180c for the last 10 minutes that the curry was cooking. This lovely 0sp rice alternative means you have enough points left over for a Weight Watchers Garlic and Coriander Naan Bread (4sp). That’s a whole Indian meal for only 5sp!!

If you are having a dinner party, you can also make this curry as part of an Indian feast. I started my feast off with some 0sp Indian Onion Salad (recipe below), Rathia (0% fat Greek yoghurt mixed with ¼ tsp mint sauce, ¼ cumin and juice of ½ lemon) and Mango Chutney with 1 poppadum per person.

I then served the curry as the main with some cauliflower rice, normal pilau rice for the non Weight Watching boys (long grain rice cooked with chicken stock and pilau seasoning as in the picture above) and some of my lovely Saag Aloo (2sp) which goes with this curry perfectly.

Chicken Pathia

Serves 4 = 1sp per person (Flex)

For the paste

1 onion, peeled and roughly chopped

4 garlic cloves, peeled and roughly chopped

Thumb size piece of ginger, peeled and roughly chopped

1 red chilli, roughly chopped

1 tsp each of ground coriander, paprika and turmeric

400g tin of chopped tomatoes

250 ml water

For the curry

1 onion, peeled and roughly chopped

2 pepper, deseeded and chopped into large chunks

2 garlic cloves, peeled and finely chopped

Small piece of ginger, peeled and roughly chopped

1 tsp each of cumin and ground coriander

½ tsp cinnamon

1 tsp salt and cayenne pepper

Large pinch of crushed chillies (optional)

1 bay leaf

1 tbsp tomato puree

1 tbsp white wine vinegar

2 tsp sugar

800g chicken breasts, raw and cubed

300ml chicken stock (made with 1 chicken stock cube)

Juice of 1 lemon

Handful coriander, roughly chopped

Indian Onion Salad – mix together:

1 large white onion, finely chopped

1/4 cucumber, finely chopped

2 large tomatoes, finely chopped 

Juice of 1 lemon

Handful fresh coriander, finely chopped

1/4 tsp mint sauce

Pinch of cumin


Pan 1 – Begin by making the paste. Take a large frying pan, spray with 1kal and bring to a medium heat. Fry the garlic, ginger, chilli, ground coriander, paprika and turmeric for a minute or two to release the flavours. Add a little water to stop the mixture sticking to the pan. Then add the onions and fry for around 10 minutes (until the onions are nice and soft). Add the tomatoes and 250ml of water and then simmer on a low heat for half an hour. The paste should get thicker with the water evaporating away.

Pan 2 – While the paste is simmering in the first pan, spray another large pan with 1kal and fry the onion, garlic, pepper, ginger, cumin and ground coriander for 10 minutes until the onions have started to soften. Add a little water to stop the mixture sticking to the pan if necessary.

Next, take the paste from the first pan and add to the second pan. Then add the chicken stock, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, crushed chillies, bay leaf, tomato puree, white wine vinegar, sugar and salt to the second . Give everything a good mix to combine together and then add the raw chicken, covering in the sauce. Everything should now be in one pan.

Simmer the sauce for 20 minutes until the chicken is cooked through and then add the fresh coriander (reserve a little to dress) and lemon. Stir and simmer for another 10 minutes until the curry has reduced and is nice and thick and velvety. Garnish with a little more fresh coriander.

Serve with the accompaniments of your choice.


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88 thoughts on “Chicken Pathia – 1sp

    • CAMiller says:

      Thanks Laura for a great recipe, made Chicken Pathia tonight, delicious and only 2 SP. Brilliant. Next dish will be turkey burgers. Is there an easy option to print your recipes? I find it much easier to read paper than my tablet or phone. Camilla

      • lakettle says:

        So pleased you liked it! Not at the moment, you can copy and paste to a word doc. Hoping to have it added soon x

    • Karen says:

      Hi Laura love the look of this but need to cook for 8 people tonight! should I double all the paste and sauce ingredients? In the past when I’ve increased the spices it’s sometimes been too hot but not sure with your recipe? Thanks

  1. Tracey Scott says:

    I’ve just made this for tea tonight and it was delicious! My hubby is a chef and he said it was really good. ? xx

  2. justine says:

    hi what a great recipe, i added some pineapple juice and a ring to my recipe near the end and it gave a Dansak taste to it.
    not sure what the points would be with that added?

  3. Kirsty says:

    Hi Laura in the curry ingredients it says juice of a lemon and garlic but I can’t see where you add it to the recipe…I have just thrown itogether in the frying pan! Hope this is right just waiting for my chicken to cook I’m starving g smells so good! X

      • Kirsty says:

        It was amazing! ! My husband is a massive pathia fan and he said it was gorgeous! Definitely going to be making this again! Your recipes have got me through a 2 stone weightless for my wedding and even now the wedding is over I’m still carrying on making your food…it’s so so nice! X

  4. Janet Brock says:

    Myself and my husband are addicted to this recipe and it has really helped us on our weightloss. Thanks so much.

  5. Melanie Valentine says:

    Cooked this last night for me and my son it was fabulous. My son found it too hot for his taste buds so I will make his batch with out the chilli next time will definitely make again. I am now going to try the saag aloo and onion baj . we are both members of ww and I found your site through the magazine so from now I will be working my way through all your receipes they all look fabulous. thank you melanie x

  6. Carly says:

    This curry is unbelievably delicious! Thank you so much for your website…you help many, many people x
    You were not joking when you said it tasted like it had been cooked in an Indian’s divine! X

      • Carly davies says:

        Hi Laura..

        I’m making your curry on Saturday evening for supper with friends but would like to use lamb instead of chicken. I will adjust the points but just wondered….would you change the chicken stock for lamb stock? Thank you so much! ,

        • Laura says:

          Hi Carly, yep I would change for lamb stock and I think it would be delicious. I would also probably add a bag of spinach right at the end! Hope you enjoy x

  7. Sally Holland says:

    Hi Laura, I’m planning on making this tomorrow, I can’t work out where you add the paste to the sauce? It say’s to make the paste, then the curry adding in the chicken, what do I do with the paste? Thanks 🙂 x

  8. Sophie says:

    Just found this recipe and can’t wait to make it- can’t believe it is only 2spts! If I want to make it less spicy, do I just miss out the chillies? Thanks!

  9. Debbie says:

    I’ve put all the ingredients in my slow cooker for easy Friday night dinner for when I get home from work. My OH has just got home and says it smells amazing!

  10. Claire says:

    We made this recipe last night- absolutely amazing! We also made the onion bhaji (another SKS recipe) as a side and served with a half rice/ half cauli rice mix – felt like I was in an Indian restaurant and a serious treat but all for a total of 7sp! Crazy! Will be eating time and time again! Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Kizzi says:

    Just had this meal – absolutely gorgeous!! So flavoursome. My husband said it was the best curry he has ever had! Will definitely be regular recipe in our house. Thank you!

  12. Donna hyde says:

    I made this with my 12 year old son, he loved putting together all of the ingredients..and loved the meal when ready…well worth a try

  13. Amber Mitchell says:

    Hi Laura

    My husband made this for us last night and whilst time consuming, it was absolutely delicious. Thank you so much and please please please keep coming up with these fabulous low point recipes – they make losing weight so easy.

  14. Caroline Paleschi says:

    Made this curry for supper on Tuesday …… OH and I went out for a few drinks ….. Returned to find half the chicken out of our curry was missing ? My girls are very fussy eaters (it couldn’t be them) or could it ?
    The answer is YES ??. Amazing recipe …. Thankyou again X

  15. Kirsty says:

    Hi Laura I’m going to make this tonight but got stewing beef as was going to make the madras. Would I put the beef in raw at the same stage as the chicken or brown if first? X

  16. Sarah M says:

    HI Laura,
    I’m looking at the salad and wondering what you mean by mint sauce and where would I get in in the grocery store? I’m new to the UK, from Canada, and it’s funny how many differences there are, especially when shopping!

    • lakettle says:

      Hi Sarah, mint sauce is something we Brits can buy in a jar and it usually would be drizzled over a Sunday roast or in Indian dips. It will be in a jar next to the gravy granules and other dressings most likely but if you ask in the shop they wills show you. It lasts in the fridge for ages x

  17. Amanda says:

    Hi Laura
    Your recipe saved me tonight, my dinner was 1 of 2 halves, started as mushroom & chickpea curry from the latest WW mag, result was very bitter not great tasting at all, the ingredients were similar but not as comprehensive as yours so I started with WW & turned it into your Pathia adding 1 chicken breast… it was a taste sensation served with an unfolded flatbread smeared with garlic, Bertolli light , coriander salt & lemon mmm mmmm mmm!
    Thank you for saving my dinner (and my points balance) Amanda x

  18. Denise W says:

    Hi Laura
    We absolutely loved this pathia, but when I added this recipe into my meals on my WW app it came out at 4sp.
    I checked again and the 800 grams of chicken required came out at 12sp then the sugar and tomato purée would add extra sp.
    I must say we have had 6 or 7 of your recipes and everyone has been a great success.
    I was running out of steam with my weight loss but you have motivated me to stick at it with your recipes.
    Well done??

    Hi Laura,
    Please ignore my comment regarding the points value of the chicken, I have just double checked and I have made a mistake saying it was 12 points.
    My apologies

  19. Michelle says:

    Hi Laura, love this recipe so much! Was going to make this for a vegetarian dinner party on the wknd and wondered if you had any suggestions for tweaking this? Would you add anything more to make veg or just leave out the chicken?
    Thank you! Mish x

    • lakettle says:

      Hi Mish, I would add a couple of tins of chickpeas and extra peppers, onions and spinach !! You could also add tofu or quorn chicken if you wanted x

    • lakettle says:

      I can’t see why not Vicky!! Pop it in on high for 4 hours or low for 8. Just make sure the chicken is cooked through before eating. You might need to thicken it a little at the end x

  20. Susan Lowe says:

    Hi Laura
    Happy new year ?
    Always make this recipe as it is so delicious ? I’ve converted to flex too And it is saying on my app that it is 3sp for whole portion and 1sp for individual portion when divided by 4. The points are 2 for the sugar and 1 for the chicken stock cube.just wanted to share with you.


  21. Samantha says:

    Have made this for this evening along with your onion bhaji’s and is smelling fantastic. Just had a quick try and absolutely yummy. Can’t wait to try the next recipe.

  22. Tammy Maguire says:


    The recipe is a little confusing. You are talking about 2 pastes in the method. One with chicken stock and the other that we started off with. Can you tell me when I’m supposed to add the tomato based one?

  23. Karen says:

    Had tonight. Husband said the best curry I have made. I do try many recipes. He said I can make this one again. Well done you .I always recommend your app to others.

  24. Judi McCafferty says:

    It’s really worth getting the Indian bay leaves for this, (Tej patta) they add a really authentic taste and smell wonderful.

  25. Dawn Trundle says:

    Hi Sarah making this for the 1st time tonight wish me luck ? Only just realised that you had links to recipes can’t wait to try them all xx

  26. Rachel Keighley says:

    I made this last weekend and absolutely loved it! My husband said it was better than an Indian takeaway. So tasty. I Will be making again this week but doubling up and freezing a couple of portions. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  27. Helen cliff says:

    Made this last night . As I’d never made curry sauce from scratch before I had to go and buy a lot of the ingredients but I’ve got them now ! It was a bit of a ‘faff’ to make but instructions were easy to follow . I decide to blend the paste before adding to the rest of ingredients . It tasted really good , even my husband liked it and said it was much better than a ‘jar’ sauce .

  28. Lindsay Saddington says:

    Hi Laura
    Amazing! Thank you for all your lovely recipes. You should do a recipe book- I’d buy it xx

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