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Chicken Pathia – 2sp

I’m always keen to try a new curry recipe and so when my next door neighbour whipped this one up for me, I knew I had to recreate it for you all. I have adapted the original recipe to suit my own taste (so this version is a little spicier and zestier than the original) but I have to say, it is by far the nicest homemade curry I have tasted. Not only is it on 2sp per person but it honestly tastes like it has come straight from an Indian restaurant.

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Beef and Blue Cheese Burgers – 4sp

Having created quite a variety of burgers over the past couple of years, I realised this week that I hadn’t written any recipes for good old beef burgers. When scratching my head over what to pair with them I though the classic combo of beef and blue cheese would work quite nicely, and I was definitely right! These burgers are packed full of flavour and have just the right amount of blue cheese tang.

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