Homemade 0sp Berry Compote

One of my favourite, go to, quick and easy breakfasts is this delicious berry compote served with fat free Greek yoghurt (my favourite is Total 0% Fat Greek Yogurt as it’s lovely and thick) and a sprinkling of either Weight Watchers Strawberry granola (available in classes or in the online shop) or my current favourite, Grape nut (I get mine in Sainsbury’s) with a little honey.  It is such a simple recipe and for the grand total of 0sp, really livens up breakfast time.

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Homemade 0sp Coleslaw

One of my favourite accompaniments to any burger or BBQ recipe is a lovely creamy coleslaw. Not wanting to buy the high calorie supermarket version, I decided to create my own low calorie version which I have to say is absolutely delicious. My OH couldn’t really tell much of a difference between shop bought and this!

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Spinach, Lentil and Coriander Soup – 0sp

Since the weather is still FREEZING I decided to try out a new soup this week which included my love for both spinach and coriander. It’s got quite a few ingredients but it makes a huge batch of soup and it feels like a lovely treat come lunch time. It’s great for using left over veg such as spinach and celery (which we always seem to having knocking around in the fridge) and the ginger, chilli and lemon really give it a lift.

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Onion Bhaji’s – 0sp

My lovely auntie informed me of this amazing recipe from the Facebook page recipe binder yesterday and whilst I usually like to create or adapt recipes (as you will see from all my other posts haha) this one was rather delicious as it was. I only made a few of my own amendments and this was mostly during the cooking and portioning process.

It was so quick to make, so tasty and for so little points! My OH really didn’t believe that they were WW friendly. Make sure your oven is hot when you pop your bhajis in as you don’t want them to go soggy. To store pop into a box on top of some strong kitchen roll (to soak up any excess liquid created when cooling). According to the recipe builder 1 bjahi is 1sp, 2 bhajis is 1sp, 4 is 2sp and 8 is 4sp.



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