Cheat’s Eton Mess – 4sp

Desserts….not something I’m ever too fussed about having straight after my tea but, on the odd occasion (usually when other people are having them) I start to think ‘well why can’t I!?!’. In general I never think to reach for cake or sweet treats after savoury but, after a big family Sunday lunch at my parents, the cakes, scones, pavlova and tarts all come out of their devlish boxes and make their way onto the table. Having seen the lovely multi coloured treats the cravings kick in and this is where I whip out my favourite dessert weapon…..MERINGUE!!


This is a very, very simple idea (that no doubt a lot of you have tried out before) but as I have whipped the meringues out the cupboard quite a few times in the past few weeks I thought I would share. It’s so easy to keep a pack of these meringues in the cupboard as a ‘just in case’ and because other people usually have cream in for their cakes and I always have fruit in the fridge, this dessert is always on hand to whack together! It’s so sweet and delicious and I never feel deprived of a dessert once it’s consumed and best of all its only 4sp!! Winner!!

You can add to this recipe as you please, sometimes I add a few tbsp of fat free strawberry yoghurt and some banana too!


Serves 1 = 4sp (Flex)

1 Meringue Nest, smashed up

Handful of any berries you fancy, I usually do strawberries and raspberries

1 tablespoons of single cream


Whack in a bowl altogether, mash together a bit and enjoy!!!!

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