Festive Lighter Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding is my all time favourite dessert but it is something that is firmly off the table when I’m trying to stick to plan, until now! I decided I wanted to try and come up with a lighter sticky toffee pudding that is both lower in points/calories but tastes just as good. The results speak from themselves – light, airy and sticky, this delicious dessert will make sure you never feel like you are missing out. The addition of some wintery spices make this the perfect Christmas Dinner dessert if you are trying to do a little damage control after a huge main course!

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Banana Chocolate Ice Cream – 4sp

Whilst Manchester might not get many sunny days, when we do, the temptation to indulge in a lovely cold iced treat is always strong. That’s why this ice cream is the perfect solution. You can make the ice cream itself 0pp but replacing the nutella with fruit such as raspberries and blackberries however just a little nutella and a few little extras make this little treat feel rather indulgent!

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Cheat’s Eton Mess – 4sp

Desserts….not something I’m ever too fussed about having straight after my tea but, on the odd occasion (usually when other people are having them) I start to think ‘well why can’t I!?!’. In general I never think to reach for cake or sweet treats after savoury but, after a big family Sunday lunch at my parents, the cakes, scones, pavlova and tarts all come out of their devlish boxes and make their way onto the table. Having seen the lovely multi coloured treats the cravings kick in and this is where I whip out my favourite dessert weapon…..MERINGUE!!

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Apple and Cinnamon Strudel – 3sp

Apple strudel is one of my guilty pleasures and I always walk past it as fast as possible in the supermarket to avoid temptation. I didn’t have anything remotely sweet and appley the whole time I was losing weight and haven’t since I started maintaining so tonight when I saw the bramley apples in the supermarket on offer I thought, right let’s make this WW friendly so I can finally satisfy my craving.


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Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse – 7sp

I’m always after a low point dessert recipes which I can whack out at dinner parties without anyone knowing its ‘diet food’ but I never thought something as luxurious as chocolate mousse would be so low in points. This is a really easy and tasty recipe, looks really impressive and most importantly, is nice and low in points. I served this as part of my three course meal (mentioned below!) and it went down a storm!



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