Rustic Italian Sausage, Tomato and Pesto Soup – 3sp

I’ve often got a packet of sausages lurking round in my freezer as I think they are a great ingredient for a speedy and tasty tea. I often defrost and then remove the skins, crumble and use them in pastas or risottos but this week, wanting to make something a little lighter that I could take to work for my lunch, I decided to give a new soup a go. The result was lovely. Pesto and tomato are one of my favourite combinations and whizzed together with sausages, they make for an overall tasty, fresh and summery soup.

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Sausage Gnocchi – 10sp

I watched a rerun of Jaime’s 15 minute meals the other night and saw the end of him making this dish. It looked delicious and so I thought I would give it a go but when I got a hold of the recipe it was rather plain and boring. Keen to try gnocchi anyway I added a few bits and pieces and changed a few bits round and came up with the below recipe! It was delicious and although you don’t get much gnocchi for your points, it’s a nice change from pasta and adding lots of free veg bulks your bowl out a treat! It’s a perfect dish to make if you are in a rush as the gnocchi itself takes only 3 minutes!

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Smoky Sausage Pasta by Skinny Kitchen Secrets

Hunter Sausage Bake

I always head down the ‘world foods’ aisle in my local supermarket whenever I’m in need of a spice refill (you get twice as much for half the price just one aisle away from all the regular supermarket range!) Many a time I’ve walked down there and looked at the polish food range and all the lovely meaty goodness they have on offer but I’ve never know what to try. Then I came across a recipe that used these lovely smoked sausages and so I used it for a bit of inspirations to make this quick and easy dish. The sausage I used in this recipe was from Aldi and is a lovely smokey delight. I always thought smoked sausages would be a bit pointy but when I worked it out it was actually way less than I anticipated meaning a very filling, low sp dish!

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