Mini Sausage Rolls – only 2sp!

Following my recipe earlier this week for my festive Mince Pie Bites, next in the Christmas countdown are these delicious little treat which I have made many times as a lighter contribution to a festive buffet.

You know the score, there is always far too much food including mince pies, cheese pies, chicken pies, corned beef pies, chilli, curry, nuts, crisps etc etc so we like to take something we can nibble on which we know won’t be too naughty. It’s a great way to be able to enjoy the buffet without having to feel guilty at all! These sausage rolls feel like a real treat and don’t taste at all like any form of diet food, they’re delicious!

Just a note, I know a lot of people make their own version of these on F&H using Warburton’s thins. I follow the counting approach and for the same amount of points/calories, would always rather have pastry. That way I don’t feel like I am making too many drastic changes to make things lighter.



(makes around 36 small bite sized sausage rolls at 2sp each)

1 ½ sheets Jus-Rol Light Puff Pastry Sheet

8 Weight Watchers Sausages skins removed

1 Large Onion very finely chopped

Good sprinkle of nutmeg

Good sprinkle of sage salt (if you can find it, its fine without)

Plenty salt and pepper

1 egg


Take your sausages out their skins and stick them in a bowl. Add your chopped onion, nutmeg, sage salt (if you are using it), salt and pepper. You could add a few crushed chillis too. Add 1 tablespoon of water to the mixture and give it a good squidge about with your fingers until it is all nice and mixed together. The water will make sure that the pastry goes nice and flaky on the outside.

Take you pastry sheet and lay on a cool flat surface and begin to spoon your mixture in a thin roll along one side of your sheet. I lay my sheet down landscape and popped my mixture in a line about 2 inches from the end.

Beat 1 egg and wash a thin layer over the pastry to the right of your mixture and fold the pastry to the left over and cut off. Repeat all the way along your sheet until you move on to the next sheet. I used a sheet and a half of pastry but if you chunkier sausage rolls you could omit the second sheet and put more sausage mix into the first. This would reduce the SP even further. Once you have all your long rolls cut them into bite sized pieces and prick the tops with a knife to let the air escape. Wash the top of your rolls in a little skimmed milk and pop in the oven for between 20-25 minutes on around 200 Celsius or until nicely golden.



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