Sweet Chilli and Prawn Rice Noodle Salad – 6sp

Before Christmas I found myself rushing round the shops on my lunch at work. Grabbing lunch in a hurry is always a danger but I found EAT’S Crayfish Noodle Salad was only 9sp, delicious and quite filling but at £4.50 a shot, its a bit steep on the old purse strings.


Now the New Year is upon us and I am getting back into my old routines preparing my lunch to take to work with me, I decided to try and give this lovely salad a go myself. At only 6sp it comes out less pointy than EAT’S version and it is just as tasty and satisfying. It’s is considerably cheaper too! The benefit of preparing it yourself is you can beef up the salad vegetable content so you have a lovely full plate, whilst still staying low in points.

This can be served hot straight from the kitchen or popped in a lunch box and refrigerated for your work lunch. My rice noodles came in a 360g packet so I plan on making me and the OH this two days in a row.

Serves 1 = 6sp each
90g fresh Rice Noodles
50 raw prawns (or 60g cooked)
1 tsp sweet chilli sauce
1 tsp dark soy sauce
Dash of fish sauce (if you have it, leave it out if not)
1 lime, quartered
Finely sliced iceberg lettuce (as much as you fancy)
2 inch piece of cucumber, sliced lengthways, seeds scooped out then sliced finely
¼ of a pepper, sliced finely
Handful of cherry tomatoes, finely diced


Prepare you lettuce, cucumber, pepper and tomatoes and throw into a large salad bowl.

Then pop a frying pan on the hob, pop your prawns in with a little water and a small squeeze of lime and sizzle until cooked through (this should only take a few minutes). Once cooked add your sweet chilli, soy, fish sauce, a splash of water and another squeeze of lime. Give a stir and once the sauce starts to warm through, add the rice noodle with another dash of water. Toss everything together. Cook on a high heat until noodles are cooked through (3-4 minutes) being careful nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan, keeping everything moving every now and then.

Once cooked, add on top of the salad vegetables in the salad bowl. Take a pair of scissors and cut through the noodles so that are more bite sized and then mix everything together.

Serve in a nice big bowl with a piece of fresh lime.


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