Moroccan Stuffed Butternut Squash – 5sp

As you all no doubt know, we are blessed on Weight Watchers with the 0sp delight that is Butternut Squash. I’m a massive fan of it as a replacement for potatoes and even sweet potatoes so I’m always trying to find new ways to use it. Tonight, fancying something filling but low in points, I created this lovely delight which went down a storm. It tastes amazing and really is so filling and satisfying.

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Lamb, Butternut Squash and Apricot Tagine – 6sp

Since my friend brought me back some amazing ras-el-hanout from Morocco I have been looking at different ways to incorporate it into my meals. It has the most gorgeous flavour and so I started doing a bit of digging to see what else I could get it into. I came across a few recipes on the Good Food website so the below recipes is a combination of them all! Best of all it includes one of my favourites at the moment, CHICKPEAS. It also has some gorgeous apricots in which add a nice subtle sweetness to the dish. It’s so filling and really quite cheap to make as you don’t need too much meat. I served mine with some Ainsley Harriot Cous Cous and topped with yoghurt and coriander. Amazing!!

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Harissa Roasted Vegetable Salad – Only 1sp

Apologies for the awful pictures but I realised half way through munching this that I had forgotten to take one! This was (half) of the lovely lunch I had today which was literally thrown together from the leftovers of last night’s dinner (Minted lamb chops with harissa roasted veg!) I always make extra roasted veg when I make this dinner (it would be rude not to as it’s virtually free of sp!!) just so that I can have this lovely salad the next day but if you are making if just for lunches then following the recipe below will make you a generous four portions! It’s so filling and satisfying and such a bargain at only 1sp, yes 1sp for the whole thing!

f67336eeec834235976d6bf20366ca6c_2 (1)

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Fragrant Moroccan Wrap with Chicken and Falafel! – just 14sp for 2 wraps!

Having made my amazing Falfel’s originally to go in my salads through the week, once I tasted them and realised how amazing they were, I decided to knock up an evening meal to get the best possible use out of them! Having already roasted a chicken for the week ahead I decided to go with the Moroccan theme and make myself a chicken falafel wrap. After a bit of experimentation it resulted in the below which I have to say tasted absolutely incredible.

For 14sp you get two lovely wraps which feel really substantial on your plate. Even my OH, who usually likes extra carbs with his meal, was raving about this recipe. There are so many delicious flavours bursting onto your taste buds so it’s thoroughly satisfying!



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