Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Burgers

I originally wrote this recipe in early December as a nice Christmassy addition to the fakeaway/burger selection on my site but with Max’s early arrival I never got around to the second testing and posting of it so it’s been somewhat delayed…until now. This is a lovely burger recipe that is bursting with those classic Christmas flavours but that actually works all year around (who doesn’t love a bit of brie!!).

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Boxing Day Leftovers – Asian Turkey Salad – 2sp

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year but for us Weight Watchers, the joy of the festive season often comes alongside a side helping of guilt at the food we may consume which we usually wouldn’t allow ourselves.

Having savvy ways to use up leftovers is not only way the perfect way to keep your portions under control on the big day, but it will also save you a lot of time and money at a manic (and frankly rather expensive) time!! The lovely Asian salad is one of my favourite ways to use up left over Christmas Day turkey. Its packed with flavour and lovely and light and healthy. Best of all, its only 2sp. The perfect Boxing Day lunch!

This fabulous recipe was featured in the December issue of Weight Watchers magazine so if you have a copy, you can find it in there too!

If you fancy making this lovely salad even more filling, you could also fry up some egg noodles and spilt between the bowls for an extra 5sp per person.

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Turkey Stuffed Courgette Boats – 2sp

This recipe came about after defrosting a pack of turkey mince and deciding to use up some of the contents of my cupboards. After scratching my head for a few minutes I got a few bits and pieces out and thought, lets see how this goes. Boy was I impressed with the result. Not only is it a quick and easy dish to put together, but the flavours are delicious. Best of all one portion is only 2sp!!

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Mexican Stuffed Peppers – 5sp

Turkey mince is a great addition to any freezer when you are trying to keep healthy. Not only is it low in fat but it’s also really cheap. The selection of recipes out there which use it however are rather meagre if you don’t fancy going to the effort of making meatballs or burgers. That’s why, this week, I decided to try something a bit different….stuffing it into some peppers!

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‘Jerky’ Burgers with Mango Salsa – 8sp

I was brain storming recipe ideas this weekend and thinking I hadn’t got my jerk seasoning out in a while. And that’s when it hit me. JERKY BURGERS. Not able to resist a pun, it had to be the lovely lean turkey mince I had in my freezer. Having made a delicious mango slaw with my Hoisin Duck Pancakes recipe I thought I would give this a twist and do a Mango Salsa to accompany it. Everyone knows burgers are nothing without chips so some delicious, well-seasoned Butternut Squash Chips were the perfect accompaniment.

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