Sri Lankan Lentil Dhal – 1sp

Before we went to Sri Lanka I couldn’t have imagined eating curry every day and still enjoying it. Whilst I love a good curry, it’s not something I would usually want on repeat every day.

The curries I tried in Sri Lanka completely changed my opinion. There, curry is something completely different. Less saucy and smaller portions, I was blown away with the vast selection and varieties of curries to choose from, so much so that I ended up having it nearly every night.

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Sri Lankan Fish Curry – 3sp

As you will see in my introduction to my lentil dhal curry recipe, I have become somewhat of a superfan when I comes to Sri Lankan curries. Never had I had such a variety of fresh and interesting dishes in lovely perfectly sized portions. Each different dish leave your mouth tingling with flavour and the variety of fish dishes has really opened up my imagination.

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