Festive Lighter Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding is my all time favourite dessert but it is something that is firmly off the table when I’m trying to stick to plan, until now! I decided I wanted to try and come up with a lighter sticky toffee pudding that is both lower in points/calories but tastes just as good. The results speak from themselves – light, airy and sticky, this delicious dessert will make sure you never feel like you are missing out. The addition of some wintery spices make this the perfect Christmas Dinner dessert if you are trying to do a little damage control after a huge main course!

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Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Burgers

I originally wrote this recipe in early December as a nice Christmassy addition to the fakeaway/burger selection on my site but with Max’s early arrival I never got around to the second testing and posting of it so it’s been somewhat delayed…until now. This is a lovely burger recipe that is bursting with those classic Christmas flavours but that actually works all year around (who doesn’t love a bit of brie!!).

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Mince Pie Baked Oats

We aren’t putting up our Christmas tree until a little later this year (as we are getting a real one again and I got it a bit too early last year….I was just too excited and it ended up dropping lots straight after the big day!) and so I’ve decided that in the meantime, I’ll do everything else to get into the festive spirit before then. After discovering the most amazing Mince Pie Filled Cookies in Asda this week, I decided to come up with my own version of a sweet mince meat treat and this recipe was the perfect solution. It so quick and easy to rustle up and feels like a real breakfast treat!

You will see that I’ve calculated the SP’s for each of the new plans below which I will do for all of my recipes moving forwards. Eventually I hope to be able to repoint all of my previous recipes too but this may take a little time so you may need to pop them back through your own recipe builder if you are on the green or purple plan now (all of the previous recipes are pointed for the old plan which is now the blue plan).

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