Prawn Nasi Goreng – 6sp

Nasi Goreng literally translates as ‘fried rice’ in Indonesia. This delightful dish is a great option if you are looking for something really straight forward, quick and tasty. I’ve just used a shop bought paste here as it’s not too many points and is a lovely flavour. I haven’t added any extra chilli as it already has a nice kick but you can always add some crushed chillies at the end if you like things really hot. I will also be posting a recipe with my own paste but since lots of you are asking for this recipe to make this week, I thought I best not keep you all waiting! I got my paste in Tesco but I know lots of other supermarkets do their own version too.

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Boxing Day Leftovers – Asian Turkey Salad – 2sp

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year but for us Weight Watchers, the joy of the festive season often comes alongside a side helping of guilt at the food we may consume which we usually wouldn’t allow ourselves.

Having savvy ways to use up leftovers is not only way the perfect way to keep your portions under control on the big day, but it will also save you a lot of time and money at a manic (and frankly rather expensive) time!! The lovely Asian salad is one of my favourite ways to use up left over Christmas Day turkey. Its packed with flavour and lovely and light and healthy. Best of all, its only 2sp. The perfect Boxing Day lunch!

This fabulous recipe was featured in the December issue of Weight Watchers magazine so if you have a copy, you can find it in there too!

If you fancy making this lovely salad even more filling, you could also fry up some egg noodles and spilt between the bowls for an extra 5sp per person.

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Teriyaki Tuna with Lime and Coriander Rice – 10sp

Keen to keep up with my intake of fish , this week I decided to put together another tuna recipe. I love teriyaki sauce and thought this would be a lovely pairing so I set about putting together a dish which combined both. The result was delicious. My OH cleared his plate in less than five minutes. Tuna has such a lovely meaty texture and it works so well with the Asian stir fried veggies, the whole dish turned out to be very tasty indeed!

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Chicken Katsu

I’ve seen katsu curry on the menu a few times at our local Japanese but it’s known for being rather high in points. Having been craving it for a while, this week I thought I would see if I rustle up a low point version and the result was delicious! I served this with 50g of rice per person and lots of green salad leaves. The chicken katsu itself if 5sp so you can add as much rice as you require, just be sure to add the points.

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