Meatball Marinara Sub – 9sp

At book club last month we had an Italian themed buffet. I whipped up my Mozzarella, Pepparoni and Pesto Boccones and I suggested my friend bring along some mini Polpette (meatballs) to which she delightfully obliged. After whipping them up in the afternoon, she told me she had actually used Quorn meatballs and as an avid meat eater, I have to say I was a little cautious about trying these veggie balls (I hadn’t actually tried Quorn since my university days!). I have to admit however, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that not only were they delicious, they were also low in points and best of all, could be cooked from frozen. I’ve been planning to test my meatball marinara recipe again for a good while now and so I thought to myself, why not incorporate these meatballs into the recipe. Not only are they tasty but the texture is perfect to be sat inside a bun with oozy tomato sauce.

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Creamy Salmon Pasta with Herby Breadcrumbs – 9sp

One of my favourite changes brought about by Flex was that salmon, one of my favourite fish, became 0sp. I’d always eaten a lot of salmon anyway but, since the change, I’ve been using it in ways I may have avoided a little before, such as here with pasta and a creamy sauce.

This recipe came about one Saturday night when I wanted to make a quick and easy dinner with the ingredients I had in the fridge/store cupboard. I threw them all into a plastic bag, headed to my sisters and freestyled to see what I could come up with. The result was the delicious pasta dish which we both thoroughly enjoyed (I could have quite happily licked the bowl!).

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Salmon and Pea Pesto Pasta -9sp

There is nothing better than a nice light pasta dish in the summer and one of the recent requests from one of my followers was a salmon pasta so…. ask and I shall deliver!!

I decided to make a nice homemade pesto to go with this and included peas to both up the flavour and lower the points (you don’t need to use as much cheese to get a lovely depth of flavour). The pesto recipe as listed below is enough to serve 4 people. If you are only making this for two (like me) you can just pop half of the pesto in a sealed pot in the fridge to be used at a later date.

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Vietnamese Pork Meatball Salad ‘Bun Cha’– 9sp

Always looking for new ways to use up lean mince products, this week I thought it was time to combine that with some of my favourite Vietnamese Cuisine. The result is a lovely zingy fresh salad that is packet with gorgeous Asian flavours. This dish makes a lovely lighter evening meal (which I’m often looking before to have if I get back from the gym a little late) and would also make a lovely filling lunch.

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Chicken Fajita Pasta – 9sp

One of our favourite go to meals in our house are Chicken Fajitas. Not only are the quick and easy to make but they are delightfully low in points and bursting with flavour. This week, after having my regular craving for Fajitas but having no wraps or salsa in the house, I decided to turn our favourite dish into a pasta dish. My OH loved this one. The flavours or the spices burst through whilst the sour cream mellows the whole dish out a little. The sprinkling of fresh avocado on top adds a lovely freshness too!

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Courgette Pizza – 9sp 

Given the popularity of the classic low carb cauliflower base pizza alongside my love for all things courgette, I decided to try and covert my regular cauliflower pizza recipe into a courgette based pizza. The challenge was easier said than done but, after a few tries, I am happy to report I have finally perfected it. The texture is a little less firm that the cauliflower version however the taste is even better. I served this with a large side salad to keep it nice and fresh.

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