Mince Beef Taco’s – 6sp

Mexican food is one of my favourite cuisines. There are so many different textures and flavours and more often than not, the ingredients are uber healthy too. I often cook with mince, usually closer to payday when it’s all I have left in the freezer, and this week I fancied a brand new new use for it (over and above chilli, bolognaise and lasagne) and so I decided to combine Mexican and mince and voila, it gave me tacos. These really were delicious and a real ‘sharing’ meal. I just whacked everything including the pan of mince in the middle of the table and let everyone dig in. The OH had his with Uncle Ben’s Spicy Mexican Rice (5sp for half a packet) but I just had mine with the taco shells and lots of salad and it was nice and filling enough without.


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