Rapid Coriander Chicken Curry – 5sp

This is a really delicious curry which is both really easy to make and doesn’t contain too many different spices/ingredients. The chicken really benefits from marinading in the fridge for a while however I only marinaded mine tonight for around 1 hour (I’m never organised enough to do it the day before) and it was lovely! This recipe requires hardly any preparation and it’s a lovely change to your usual Indian Curry. I served it mine with a small portion of rice (included in the points) and one of Morrison’s mini garlic and coriander pittas (for an extra 5sp, a weight watchers pitta would be great too) and a large dollop of fat free natural yoghurt on top.

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Tom Yum Noodle Soup – 13sp

I love Thai food and so when I came across a jar of Tom Yum paste in Tesco I thought I would see what I could put together. Tom yum soup is not usually made with coconut milk, it’s more of a clear broth, but I added a little to mine for a creamier flavour (the other half loves a creamy dish). The result was incredible. So easy to put together and so fresh and filling, it really is worth giving a go. Feel free to omit the coconut milk for a lower points option. I used prawns as well as chicken as I had some in but again, feel free to leave out one or the other.

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Kickin’ Chicken Kebabs – 8sp

I’ve had skewers in my kitchen drawer for months now so thought this weekend I would get them out. I decided to change up a recipe I previously posted (my Sticky Chicken Wings) and change it up, lowering the propoints even further. The result was delicious. I served these kebabs this time with 40g of rice (for an extra 4sp) however you could also make these with Butternut Squash chips for a 0sp option!

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Chipotle Chicken and Serrano Ham Salad – 4sp

We’ve just moved offices at work so, where as I used to head to Eat for lunch on the go, the closet place to my desk these days is the lovely Pret-a-Manger. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the salads and soups in Pret. Even better, they pop all of the nutritional information on their website so you can work out the points too.

One of my favourite salads to pick up is the Chefs Chipotle Chicken Salad. At just 8sp it’s a real bargain points wise however not such a bargain on the old purse strings. Not only that, whilst tasty, its lacking all of the zero heroes which on Weight Watchers keep you full for the rest of the day and stop you snacking.

As a result, after analysing the contents of my salad, I decided to give it a go. The results were a real treat. I essentially had a salad for less points which was twice the size. Because I had made it myself, I even managed to sneak a few extras in too!

The best part of this salad for me is the salsa. After tasting Pret’s version I thought it wouldn’t harm to try and replicate it so I literally took a cheap pot of salad (hot salsa from Aldi) and added half a tsp of chipotle paste and voila! It was amazing, a total revelation and a lovely dressing which can be added to all kind of salads and dishes for 0sp!


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Fragrant Moroccan Wrap with Chicken and Falafel! – just 14sp for 2 wraps!

Having made my amazing Falfel’s originally to go in my salads through the week, once I tasted them and realised how amazing they were, I decided to knock up an evening meal to get the best possible use out of them! Having already roasted a chicken for the week ahead I decided to go with the Moroccan theme and make myself a chicken falafel wrap. After a bit of experimentation it resulted in the below which I have to say tasted absolutely incredible.

For 14sp you get two lovely wraps which feel really substantial on your plate. Even my OH, who usually likes extra carbs with his meal, was raving about this recipe. There are so many delicious flavours bursting onto your taste buds so it’s thoroughly satisfying!



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Gorgeous Chinese Chicken Curry – Only 3sp


My friend made a gorgeous curry for me one night while I was at uni (feels like a lifetime ago now!!) and when I later asked for the recipe,she couldn’t find it! The only thing she could remember were the spices that were in it. It was so nice that I fiddled about for a while and came up with my own version of the recipe and it was even better!!

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