Baked Cod with Ultimate Pesto Mash and Greens – 8sp

I love a good fish dish so I am always thinking of different ways to combine a light and low smart points fish dish with something that will fill up my hungry hubbie. This week, having had some sweet potatoes left to use up, I thought I would get some mash on the go. This mash is inspired by my lovely Loaded Sweet Potato Skins from a while back, with many of my favourite flavours rearing their heads once again, this time in mash form.

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Chicken Tikka Jambalaya – 6sp

My chicken and chorizo jambalaya is one of my most popular recipes and I’m also a big fan so last week, when I was thinking of ways to jazz up my jambalaya, this idea hit me and I knew I had to give it a go. The result was delicious, filling and yet packed with flavour, you would never believe that the bowl food of food that I ate at the end was only 6sp. Even better, it now means I have two delicious recipes for jambalaya…winner!

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Review: Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner – A Weight Watchers Friday Night in Challenge

Review publish pre plan change to Flex

Now as most of you probably know by now, I love food and love discovering new additions to my kitchen so when Weight Watchers set me a new food challenge recently, I was excited to get stuck in and give it a go.

The question…. would I rather spend a Friday evening cooking a Weight Watchers Chicken Jambalaya from scratch or, would I rather have one of the new Limited Edition Weight Watchers ready meals, and, in the time I would have spent cooking, have a bath, chill out and maybe pop on a face mask instead.

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Coconut Lentil Curry with Seabass – 3sp

I have a slight obsession with lentils. I think they add the most amazing and unique flavour to a dish and always do a great job of filling you up. This week I decided to put together a new curry which could be adapted for a vegetarian or be made with fish or chicken. The recipe below therefore will tell you how to make the curry sauce itself which can be served with potatoes, chicken or fish (or anything else you fancy!). I served it with seabass for dinner and it was delicious so I’ve include the points and method for that below too.

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