Fakeaway Doner Kebab

My hubbie LOVES a doner kebab. I’m more of a chicken kinda gal myself as I can’t stand all the grease that comes off the takeaway doner meat and the oddly crusty edges that rear their head from time to time. Now that we are both trying to reduce our takeaway intake I thought it was about time I tried to create my own fakeaway doner kebab recipe. The result surprised even my hubbie who said not only did it taste like the real thing, but he would happily eat it over the takeaway version of the dish! I’ve tested this recipe a few times now and each person who has tried it has agreed, it tastes like the real deal!

I get my lean lamb since in Sainsbury’s but if you are struggling to find 10% mince you could use 12% or 16% for 7sp per portion of Doner meat and 20% for 8sp per portion of Doner meat.

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Summer Chorizo Salad Wrap – 7sp

A few years back a friend and I went inter railing around Europe and as a result spent a lot of time throwing together lovely little picnics. This was one of our favourites lunches while we were away, and with the lovely weather at the moment I have been craving this summery treat. The only problem was that on our travels, when my waist line didn’t bother me (even though it should have!!), we had it with fresh baguettes, lots of cream cheese and fresh Italian pesto and a huge packet of crisps. This certainly would not be pro point friendly and so today, still craving away, I decided to see if I could come up with a lower pro point alternative that was still as filling and tasty and I have to say it was gorgeous! It tasted so fresh and juicy I could eat it every day for a week!

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