Apple and Cinnamon Strudel – 3sp

Apple strudel is one of my guilty pleasures and I always walk past it as fast as possible in the supermarket to avoid temptation. I didn’t have anything remotely sweet and appley the whole time I was losing weight and haven’t since I started maintaining so tonight when I saw the bramley apples in the supermarket on offer I thought, right let’s make this WW friendly so I can finally satisfy my craving.


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Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse – 7sp

I’m always after a low point dessert recipes which I can whack out at dinner parties without anyone knowing its ‘diet food’ but I never thought something as luxurious as chocolate mousse would be so low in points. This is a really easy and tasty recipe, looks really impressive and most importantly, is nice and low in points. I served this as part of my three course meal (mentioned below!) and it went down a storm!



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