Smoky Sausage Pasta by Skinny Kitchen Secrets

Hunter Sausage Bake

I always head down the ‘world foods’ aisle in my local supermarket whenever I’m in need of a spice refill (you get twice as much for half the price just one aisle away from all the regular supermarket range!) Many a time I’ve walked down there and looked at the polish food range and all the lovely meaty goodness they have on offer but I’ve never know what to try. Then I came across a recipe that used these lovely smoked sausages and so I used it for a bit of inspirations to make this quick and easy dish. The sausage I used in this recipe was from Aldi and is a lovely smokey delight. I always thought smoked sausages would be a bit pointy but when I worked it out it was actually way less than I anticipated meaning a very filling, low sp dish!

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