Tangy Harissa Lamb Meatball Tagine – 6sp

My hubby is a massive fan of all things lamb and all things spicy so tonight I decided the come up with a new recipe which combined both. The result was delicious. As you can see from the picture, the dish is bursting with colour and as a result, flavour. The tagine itself is only 6sp per person and I served this with a drizzle of fat free Greek yoghurt (0sp each) and a pitta for an extra 4sp per person. This meant the whole dish was 10sp and it was lovely and filling. If you have a very hungry other half you could even serve this with a little rice but in my view, the addition of chickpeas and a pitta are filling enough!

The ingredient list might look lengthy but most of the ingredients are store cupboard essentials. Plus the actual method is very quick and easy indeed!

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Moroccan Meatballs – 13sp

Having some ‘normal’ healthy food between Christmas and New Year is something I always crave but, given the manic few days I’ve usually had, I can never be bothered to faff around too much. That’s why this recipe is a perfect one to whack out in the post Christmas/ pre New Year period. The meatballs themselves are the exact same meatballs I used in my Lamb Kofta Meatball Kebab recipe so if you made this and made extras, this one will be nice and easy to whip up! If you don’t have them pre made or can’t be bothered to rustle them up from scratch, feel free to use any pre made meatballs that you might get in the supermarket.

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Greek Lamb with Orzo and Feta – 12sp

I’ve had half a packet of orzo left in my cupboard for a good while now (since the last time I made my Pea and Ham Orzo) but I wanted to try and use it in a new way. Having seen lamb paired with orzo on Greek menus quite a lot I thought it was time I gave this a go and made it waistline friendly. The result was lovely, a lovely flavour and a really different texture. I served mine with a side salad (just mixed leaves, tomatoes and feta) and I served my OH’s with the feta straight on top. Do whichever way takes your fancy. Some of the ingredients below can be optional so I’ve put a little ‘O’ next to these ingredients, the recipe is better with them but would still be nice without.

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