Thai Basil Chicken

Thai Basil Chicken is a favourite of mine when I’m eating out but wasn’t something I’d ever really attempted at home. One night, after taking my fancy, I decided to give it a go and the results were delicious. A straight forward and uncomplicated recipe, this is perfect for a quick week night tea. I add a whole sliced chilli as I love a bit of spice (and that’s how it usually comes in a Thai restaurant) but if you don’t like things too hot, you could use half or leave it out entirely.

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Thai Red Curry

Thai red curry is one of my favourite go to’s when I’m eating out but the full fat coconut milk used in Thai restaurants often makes the dish high in calories and for me, a bit too rich. I often make a quick Thai curry at home using shop bought curry paste (which I’m still a big fan of) and light coconut milk but more recently I decided to give making my own paste a go.  Continue reading

Thai Beef Noodle Salad – 10sp

Knowing how easy it is to cook up delicious and healthy meals quickly and easily has turned me into a bit of a picky eater when I’m eating out in cafes and restaurants. I have become a little inpatient with places which charge a fortune for food which is bland, oily and unsatisfying to the point where I just don’t see the point in eating it if it isn’t any good.

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Thai Baked Red Mullet – 10sp

Having a steady stream of fish stocked in my freezer for the past few weeks has been great. Usually we don’t have fish as often as I would like, mostly because there is no space left in the freezer after I have filled it with meat. Now I have the opposite situation and I must say I am thoroughly enjoying eating more fish and trying out some new tasty recipes. The best thing about fish is that it takes barely any time to cook!

This recipe is really easy and great for anyone who likes Thai food. Not only that but it’s exceptionally quick to make and low in points. Feel free to use any white fish you like. I used Red Mullet as it has the most delicious flavour and a lovely texture.

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Thai Dry Fry – 9sp

Whenever we make a Thai curry we always have left over paste hanging round in the fridge so last night I threw this lovely dish together to use it up. It’s really easy to prepare, really quick to cook and tastes absolutely delicious! Don’t forget the lime at the end to give it a little lift!

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Tom Yum Noodle Soup – 13sp

I love Thai food and so when I came across a jar of Tom Yum paste in Tesco I thought I would see what I could put together. Tom yum soup is not usually made with coconut milk, it’s more of a clear broth, but I added a little to mine for a creamier flavour (the other half loves a creamy dish). The result was incredible. So easy to put together and so fresh and filling, it really is worth giving a go. Feel free to omit the coconut milk for a lower points option. I used prawns as well as chicken as I had some in but again, feel free to leave out one or the other.

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Thai Pork Mince Lettuce Cups – only 13sp

I got a giant portion of lean pork mince from Morrison’s with my meat vouchers so I split it into three. Now usually I make my Sweet Chilli Chorizo Burgers or some meatballs with pork mince but I really wanted to make something with it last night that didn’t require any fuss (i.e blending or getting my hands dirty). I’ve had lettuce cups a few times in both Thai and Korean restaurants so I thought why not try and recreate them at home myself!

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Thai Beef Massaman Curry – 10sp

I love a Thai curry and whenever we go out to a Thai restaurant, I always look at those having a Massaman curry with envy knowing how high in points they are. To quell my craving for this Thai delight, I decided that this week I would try and adapt a low point version. I researched different ingredients common in Massaman curry’s and ended up adapting this little beauty. It turned out beautifully and was only 10sp so paired with 40g of dry basmati rice per person. This made the whole meal only 14sp, bargain!

I’ve included some instructions for making this curry with chicken too for those who aren’t the biggest beef fans. If you want to reduce the points even further you could omit the potatoes but I think they add a lovely additional texture and bulk to the dish. Next time I make this I’m also going to whack in a carrot or two!

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Thai Chicken Salad – 2sp

I went out for lunch with friends on Saturday and had the most amazing Thai Chicken Salad which not only had no nasty carbs in it, but was very filling indeed. As we had a spare chicken breast knocking around the fridge on Monday night I really wanted to try and find a similar recipe which I could make for mine and the OH lunch that was both quick and easy, low in points but really tasty! I found this on the good food website here, adapted it slightly for us Weight Watchers and it was a revelation, absolutely delicious and really low in points!!


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