Moroccan Meatballs – 13sp

Having some ‘normal’ healthy food between Christmas and New Year is something I always crave but, given the manic few days I’ve usually had, I can never be bothered to faff around too much. That’s why this recipe is a perfect one to whack out in the post Christmas/ pre New Year period. The meatballs themselves are the exact same meatballs I used in my Lamb Kofta Meatball Kebab recipe so if you made this and made extras, this one will be nice and easy to whip up! If you don’t have them pre made or can’t be bothered to rustle them up from scratch, feel free to use any pre made meatballs that you might get in the supermarket.

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Harissa Roast Salmon with a Fruity Cous Cous Salad – 8sp

When presented with the idea of making a three course meatless meal on Good Friday, I knew I was going to have to get creative in the kitchen and after doing a little research I came across this lovely little recipe online. I made a few of my own amendments to make it both lower in points and to make sure it was packed full of flavour and the result was incredible. The smell of the dish was to die for a my sister, who has always been dubious about trying salmon, absolutely loved it.

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Moroccan Stuffed Butternut Squash – 5sp

As you all no doubt know, we are blessed on Weight Watchers with the 0sp delight that is Butternut Squash. I’m a massive fan of it as a replacement for potatoes and even sweet potatoes so I’m always trying to find new ways to use it. Tonight, fancying something filling but low in points, I created this lovely delight which went down a storm. It tastes amazing and really is so filling and satisfying.

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Harissa Roasted Vegetable Salad – Only 1sp

Apologies for the awful pictures but I realised half way through munching this that I had forgotten to take one! This was (half) of the lovely lunch I had today which was literally thrown together from the leftovers of last night’s dinner (Minted lamb chops with harissa roasted veg!) I always make extra roasted veg when I make this dinner (it would be rude not to as it’s virtually free of sp!!) just so that I can have this lovely salad the next day but if you are making if just for lunches then following the recipe below will make you a generous four portions! It’s so filling and satisfying and such a bargain at only 1sp, yes 1sp for the whole thing!

f67336eeec834235976d6bf20366ca6c_2 (1)

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Fragrant Moroccan Wrap with Chicken and Falafel! – just 14sp for 2 wraps!

Having made my amazing Falfel’s originally to go in my salads through the week, once I tasted them and realised how amazing they were, I decided to knock up an evening meal to get the best possible use out of them! Having already roasted a chicken for the week ahead I decided to go with the Moroccan theme and make myself a chicken falafel wrap. After a bit of experimentation it resulted in the below which I have to say tasted absolutely incredible.

For 14sp you get two lovely wraps which feel really substantial on your plate. Even my OH, who usually likes extra carbs with his meal, was raving about this recipe. There are so many delicious flavours bursting onto your taste buds so it’s thoroughly satisfying!



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Butternut Squash Falafel

Falafel is something that me and a few of my friends at work absolutely love but usually they are rather high in points so you end up with a measly lonely falafel and absolutely no satisfaction. Because of this I decided today to try adapt a recipe (original here) into a low point falafel recipe that would taste just as good and the result was amazing! This falafel can be served in a wrap with salad and extras (serving suggestions below and recipe here) or as part of a normal salad with lots of vegetables and leaves. It would also be great with my harissa roasted vegetable salad!

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Harissa Lamb Burgers with Feta – just 4sp

Harissa paste is something I always have in the house as its great for adding extra flavour to dishes for virtually no points. This weekend I thought I would try something different so I decided to put together my own version of a Moroccan burger. The burger was really easy to make and considering its simplicity it was delicious! The feta really adds something to the burger and you don’t need to much of it to get a good taste.  You could make these burgers and serve them on a bed of salad, or even cous cous, rather than the Warburton’s thins but I really like the thins as they fool you into thinking you are having a real burger. If you can’t get your hands on lean lamb mince, or you want to reduce the points even further, you can substitute the lamb mince for extra lean beef mince or even chicken mince and this reduces the sp per burger to 3.


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