Gorgeous Guacamole – 3sp

Who doesn’t love guacamole. It basically a combination of all my favourite foods/flavours, avocado, lime, chilli and mexico. You can whip up this guacamole so quickly and whack it as an accompaniment to most dishes to up the flavour. I add a fresh chilli for some real heat but if you don’t like it too hot (or don’t have any chillies handy) it is just as good with a large pinch of chilli flakes. I keep everything nice and chunky so its got a good bite but if you prefer it smooth mash the avocado well and chop everything a bit smaller.

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Pick ‘n’ Mix Chimichurri Pork and Prawn Tacos, Chimichurri Avocado Dip, Spicy Rice and Salsa – 12sp

One of my lovely friends got me a bottle of Chimichurri dressing for Christmas and, knowing how nice it was in a steak recipe I previously created, I decided to try and create something new. After asking my OH what meat he fancied, his response was ‘pork, or prawns, or both’ so I decided to give both a whirl. If you are making this at home, feel free to make one or the other. I’ve posted the points for both so you can decide which fits in best with your day – a bit of a pick and mix! If you have the points left you might even fancy both.

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Mexican Stuffed Peppers – 5sp

Turkey mince is a great addition to any freezer when you are trying to keep healthy. Not only is it low in fat but it’s also really cheap. The selection of recipes out there which use it however are rather meagre if you don’t fancy going to the effort of making meatballs or burgers. That’s why, this week, I decided to try something a bit different….stuffing it into some peppers!

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Pulled Pork Burger with Spicy Mexican Slaw and Smoky Potato Wedges – 12sp

I adore pulled pork. It’s one of my favourite ‘cheat meal’s when I eat out. Nothing beats a good dirty burger. Keen to be able to have my favourite treat without the guilt I set out to create my own healthy but flavoursome version of the recipe. Boy, did this one hit the spot. The pork is soft and bursting with flavour, the slaw contrasts nicely with a little spice and most of all, even though the ingredients may look a little daunting, it is exceptionally easy to make!

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Fish Taco’s – 8sp

Keen to create another Mexican recipe to feed my addiction, this week I decided to try and get some fish involved. Fish Tacos are something I have heard others rave about so I thought I would give creating my own version a whirl. The results were outstanding. They are lovely and filling and zinging with light and fresh flavours.

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Chorizo Baked Eggs – 3sp

This is one of my favourite recipes to whip up for Sunday brunch or even for a late supper if you aren’t feeling too hungry. It’s so quick and simple but the flavours are amazing. My OH was practically licking the plate! You can customise this recipe til your hearts content. I’ve added pepper with the onion before or even a large handful of spinach. Continue reading

BBQ Chicken Quesadilla – 9sp

Come a Sunday afternoon I often roast a nice big whole chicken that I can pull apart and use throughout the week for lunches and evening meals. It’s a great way to make sure you have fresh ingredients at hand and keep the cost down at the same time. As a result, I’m always looking for new ways to use up said chicken (as you will see by my last Lebanese Salad recipe).

Being a huge fun of pulled pork, I decided that I would give the whole pulled chicken a whirl but by speeding up the process a little. As a result I made a lovely and tasty chipotle BBQ sauce, poured it over the cooked chicken and voila!! The BBQ chicken in this form could be used in so many different ways (in a burger, a thin, with rice, with sweet potato or BNS fries…..) but I decided to try something new.

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