Beef and Blue Cheese Burgers – 3sp

Having created quite a variety of burgers over the past couple of years, I realised this week that I hadn’t written any recipes for good old beef burgers. When scratching my head over what to pair with them I though the classic combo of beef and blue cheese would work quite nicely, and I was definitely right! These burgers are packed full of flavour and have just the right amount of blue cheese tang.

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Mexican Omelette -3sp

The main buffet restaurant in the hotel we stayed at in Mexico was amazing. I’m usually very fussy about ‘buffet’ style food (I often feel like you never get a proper meal) but there were so many areas where fabulous food was being cooked fresh in front of you, I would probably have been happy to eat here every night (I didn’t though, there were another 9 restaurants to choose from!).

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Gorgeous Guacamole – 3sp

Who doesn’t love guacamole. It basically a combination of all my favourite foods/flavours, avocado, lime, chilli and mexico. You can whip up this guacamole so quickly and whack it as an accompaniment to most dishes to up the flavour. I add a fresh chilli for some real heat but if you don’t like it too hot (or don’t have any chillies handy) it is just as good with a large pinch of chilli flakes. I keep everything nice and chunky so its got a good bite but if you prefer it smooth mash the avocado well and chop everything a bit smaller.

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Griddled Cajun Chicken – 3sp

On New Year’s Eve the OH and I headed up to Scotland with friends for a celebration. Heading out for lunch, we ended up in a lovely cosy little pub with a mouth-watering food menu. Keen to not over indulge before the excess of the evening ahead, I picked out what I thought was the healthiest thing on the menu and hoped for the best. I was thrilled when the dish arrived and had both an abundance of 0sp elements, but was also bursting with flavour.

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Sri Lankan Fish Curry – 3sp

As you will see in my introduction to my lentil dhal curry recipe, I have become somewhat of a superfan when I comes to Sri Lankan curries. Never had I had such a variety of fresh and interesting dishes in lovely perfectly sized portions. Each different dish leave your mouth tingling with flavour and the variety of fish dishes has really opened up my imagination.

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Chorizo Baked Eggs – 3sp

This is one of my favourite recipes to whip up for Sunday brunch or even for a late supper if you aren’t feeling too hungry. It’s so quick and simple but the flavours are amazing. My OH was practically licking the plate! You can customise this recipe til your hearts content. I’ve added pepper with the onion before or even a large handful of spinach. Continue reading

Lebanese Chicken, Feta and Lentil Salad – 3sp

I have salad most days for my lunch at work and often try and whip up a salad to go with my main meal in an evening. As a result, I don’t want to get bored with the same old salad ingredients so this week I decided to mix things up a little and combine my two new discoveries: microwaveable lentils and Lebanese spice mix. I got my both from Tesco and whilst not overly cheap, the lentils serve 4 and the spice mix is a huge tin that will last for ages. I made this for me and my other half to have two days in a row for lunch. So good!

I don’t count roasted chicken breast on the new Flex plan so this recipe is 3sp per serving. If you do, it will be 4sp per serving.

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