Beef and Blue Cheese Burgers – 3sp

Having created quite a variety of burgers over the past couple of years, I realised this week that I hadn’t written any recipes for good old beef burgers. When scratching my head over what to pair with them I though the classic combo of beef and blue cheese would work quite nicely, and I was definitely right! These burgers are packed full of flavour and have just the right amount of blue cheese tang.

If you like your blue cheese a little stronger you could split the amount stated in the recipe in two, adding half to the burger mixture and half to the top. I prefer it inside however as blue cheese is not the best at melting and the crumbly bits have a habit of making a dash for it when you are trying to eat them on top!

The addition of bacon here is optional. Without it, the smart points are the same (3sp per burger) . They are just as nice without but the bacon does add a real depth of flavour to the overall meal. I cooked these burgers in a griddle pan as I wanted them to cook quickly without the cheese melting too much out of them. If you prefer to cook them in the oven you can do so. Simply pop onto a greased baking tray and cook at 180c for 15-17 minutes.

If you fancy you can double stack your burgers into one bun which means you get a double whopper for only 10sp. Alternatively you can omit the bun and serve as a ‘burger in a bowl’ with various salad bits. The worlds your oyster, feel free to add whichever accompaniments you fancy.

I served these with BNS chips as they fill the dish out for 0sp.


Beef and Blue Cheese Burgers

Makes 8 burgers = 3sp per burger pattie (Flex)


For the burgers

500g extra lean beef mince (5%), raw

1 red onion, very finely chopped

2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp Dijon mustard

80g blue cheese, crumbled

1 egg, beaten

Handful of fresh parsley, finely chopped

Dash of tobasco (optional)

Salt and pepper

4 bacon medallions, grilled and chopped into small pieces (optional but good)

To accompany

Aldi Brioche Buns (5sp each) or Warburton’s Thins (3sp each)

Handful of lettuce leaves

1 large tomato, sliced

Caramelised red onion – 1 red onion fried for 10 minutes with 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar and a pinch of sweetener (0sp when split between 4 people)

Low sugar ketchup

2 tbsp extra light mayo with a little Dijon, garlic salt and balsamic vinegar mixed in (1sp when split between 4).

Butternut Squash Chips


Take a large bowl and add all of the burger ingredients except the egg. Combine well using your hands. Add the egg bit by bit until you have a nice pliable consistency that’s not too wet (I used half the beaten egg).  Split the burger mixture roughly into eight evenly sized balls. Using your hands press the mixture together and form into burger patties. Press lightly with your fingers to flatten out a little and make a little dent in the middle of each burger (a thumbprint) to stop it bulging up whilst cooking. Pop onto a plate and refrigerate for at least 15-20 minutes.

If you are having BNS chips pop them on at this point.

Take a griddle pan, heat and spray with 1kal and then, cooking 2 burgers at a time, cook the burgers for 4-5 minutes on each side until cooked through. Keep in a warm oven until all the burgers are cooked.

Now time to assemble the burger.

Take either the bun/thin and pop into the burger pan cut side down for a minute to warm up and soak up some of the beefy juices. Then to the bottom half of the bun add some balsamic mayo and then lettuce, then tomato. Add the burger and then top with the caramelised onions. Top with a little more balsamic mayo and some ketchup. Finally add the ‘lid’ of the bun and pop a toothpick through to secure everything together.

Serve with the BNS chips (or the accompaniments of your choice).




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10 thoughts on “Beef and Blue Cheese Burgers – 3sp

  1. Jenny says:

    Hi, would it be possible to make these burgers and then freeze them so they are ready to cook when you want them? If so, would I need to do anything any differently? Thanks. X

  2. Sarah Cummins says:

    I have just made these for family dinner! One word, simply “WOW”.
    Best burgers I have ever made!

  3. Paula Dillin says:

    Hi Laura. Had these a few times and are one of our favourites. Can I ask what blue cheese you use? I’ve used Stilton and the creamy soft variety. Not sure what you’ve pointed for. The creamy makes the burgers really juicy but think it brings up the points.

  4. Su Stone says:

    These were delicious! I put cheddar in my sons (he doesn’t like blue cheese) and they were scrummy too!
    Thanks for all the effort you put into these recipes

  5. Joanna says:

    We have had these twice now and cannot recommend them enough. Fabulous burgers and even my husband enjoys them. Definitely a keeper!

  6. Sarah Leahy says:

    Wow – These were amazing my husband and son loved them as well which is praise indeed – one to make again

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