Chicken Kiev with Butternut Squash Chips and Salad – 8sp

My OH loves a chicken kiev so whenever he fancies one (outta the freezer) I’m always stuck for what to have (and very jealous of him eating it). Not anymore!! Turns out home made chicken kievs are one of the most simple things you can make at home and the results are equally as delicious as the real thing, so much so that these days, my OH prefers the ‘Weight Watchers’ version too!



Serves 2 = 8sp (previously 9pp) each

For the garlic butter

½ teaspoon of Oregano

Pinch of parsley or tarragon

20g low fat spread

1-2 cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed

Squeeze of lemon

For the Chicken

2 x 165g Chicken Breast

2 x slices of White Bread (stale is better) whizzed into fine breadcrumbs

20g parmesan cheese, finely grated

1 eggs, beaten

1 tbsp plain flour mixed with a pinch of paprika

Salt and Black Pepper


1 x Butternut Squash

Salad (Optional) I did Salad Leaves, Red Onion, Sweet Peppers and dressed it in White Wine Vinegar


Pre heat your over to around 200c. Mix up the low fat spread with the crushed garlic cloves, herbs, lemon and some black pepper. I used 2 garlic cloves and it was very garlicky but I like it like that so use less if you don’t fancy garlic breath for the next few hours. Pop the garlic butter in the fridge to firm up a little.

Take the chicken breast and put a narrow slit in the middle of the breast (at the thickest part on the top half). Pop the chilled garlic butter mix into the hole and make sure it’s really spread out.

Now we are ready to assemble the kiev. Pop the eggs into one bowl, the breadcrumbs in another and the flour in another. Mix the parmesan in with the breadcrumbs and season well with salt and pepper. Close the slit in the chicken and then dip the chicken breast first into the flour, then into the egg and then coat it in the bread crumbs. Repeat with the other breast and then if you have enough ingredients left, repeat on both breasts for a thicker coating.

Pop the chicken in the fridge while you are preparing your butternut squash (so the spread goes a little more solid and doesn’t run out when you cook it).

Peel and cut your BNS into ‘chips’. I used a whole BNS for the two of us and there was a nice amount, it certainly roasts down to nothing! Pop your BNS chips into a pan of salted water and boil for 6 minutes. Drain and pop them on a roasting tray, season with salt, pepper and a little paprika and spray with one kal. Then pop the chips on the bottom shelf of the oven, spray your kievs with1kal and pop them on the top shelf of the oven. Leave to cook for around 40 minutes (or until the breast is cooked).

While everything is cooking prepare your salad and pop it onto your plate ready to serve up. Season your salad with the white wine vinegar last or your leaves may go a bit droopy!


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