Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins – 4pp each

I don’t know many people who enjoy resisting all things muffiny and cakey while they are trying to shift some pounds. This week, I was one of those people, but not wanting to give in I thought instead I would whip up my own not so naughty treats. I put a lot of my favorite flavours and ingredients into this recipe, popped in into the oven and VOILA. Then smell was amazing and the taste even better. The yoghurt adds a lovely moisture to the muffin and the mixed spice makes it a lovely warming treat with a cup of tea.

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Chorizo Bean Stew – just 4pp!

I got home the day before payday and went to make tea and found I basically had no food left in the house save for a few bits in the fridge and some tins. I have been planning on giving the Weight Watchers Quick Bean Chilli recipe a go for a while (after high praise from the lovely Kate) so I used that as a start and made a few alterations from there (I couldn’t be bothered with the blender and I love smoked paprika!). The result was a lovely thick and chunky soup/stew which made a nice four portions to box up and take for packed lunch.

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Cinnamon and Banana Waffles – 2pp

I got a ‘Four in One’ grill of my OH’s Mam a long time ago and so this morning when I went to make banana pancakes I thought ‘I wonder if they would work in the waffle maker?’ and what do you know, they did!!

If you don’t have a waffle maker you could use the same mixture to make pancakes. Just pop the mixture in a pancake shape into a hot frying pan sprayed with 1kal, cook, flip, cook and serve!

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Poached Salmon and Quinoa Salad – 14pp

One of my favourite Sunday chill out programmes is Sunday Brunch and this weekend when Simon cooked up this lovely recipe I knew straight away I was going to have to give it a go. Once I printed off the recipe I made myself a few adjustments to both make it propoint friendly and to up the flavour. Simon’s original recipe can be found here.

This is the first time I have poached salmon and I loved both the flavour and texture. The salad that goes with is so fresh and vibrant too. I added some spices and more vegetable to both bulk up the quantity and flavour of the salad so feel free to add any other salad ingredients you fancy. The fresh herbs are what really make the salad amazing so don’t leave them out if you can help it.

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Greek Lamb with Orzo and Feta – 12pp

I’ve had half a packet of orzo left in my cupboard for a good while now (since the last time I made my Pea and Ham Orzo) but I wanted to try and use it in a new way. Having seen lamb paired with orzo on Greek menus quite a lot I thought it was time I gave this a go and made it waistline friendly. The result was lovely, a lovely flavour and a really different texture. I served mine with a side salad (just mixed leaves, tomatoes and feta) and I served my OH’s with the feta straight on top. Do whichever way takes your fancy. Some of the ingredients below can be optional so I’ve put a little ‘O’ next to these ingredients, the recipe is better with them but would still be nice without.

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