Bacon, Gorgonzola and Kale Salad – 6sp

Sunday night came and, having had a rather filling lunch, the OH and I decided that a salad was pretty much all we could manage for dinner. But even though we fancied something light, I also wanted something that would be packed with flavour to leave me feeling nice and satisfied until the next day. The result was just that and really hit the spot. I used smoked bacon in the recipe below but if it’s not your cup of tea, feel free to use unsmoked.

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Chilli Prawn Linguine – 9sp

I love a quick and easy pasta sauce recipe so prawns are the perfect ingredient to include in one. Taking less than 5 minutes to cook, they are difficult to get wrong. I used some lovely big raw king prawns (which were already deveined) which were lovely and meaty and filling. I like to cook my prawns from raw so I know they are as fresh as possible and so they can cook them in the garlic and chilli so that take on all the flavour. If you are funny about cooking prawns from raw though, there is no harm in buying the precooked ones and just heating them through in the sauce at the end.

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Harissa Honeyed Pork and Cumin Spiced Veg Noodles – 8sp

I’m always on the look out for quick and easy dinner recipes which utilise some of the contents of my store cupboard. This recipe, created when I had some left over pork steaks, is exactly that. Most things in it I usually have in. Popping the ingredients together like this though really gave the pork a whole new lease of life. My OH was worried that it wouldn’t be filling enough given the spiralized veg noodles however I can confirm it really was! If you want to beef it up a bit more, you could also add some spiralized courgette. The flavours are lovely and best of all, the whole thing is ready in less than 15 minutes.

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Skinny Kitchen Takeover – Hannah’s Crossfitting, Batch Cooking and Moroccan Beef Stew (6sp)

Always keen to share the different ways people choose to keep themselves fit and healthy, tonight’s Skinny Kitchen Takeover comes to you courtesy of one lady who has some great ideas when it comes to both cooking and exercising.  Check out Hannah’s Skinny Kitchen Takeover below where she shares with you her tips on batch cooking and Crossfitting as well as one of her favourite healthy recipes. So without further ado…

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Pick ‘n’ Mix Chimichurri Pork and Prawn Tacos, Chimichurri Avocado Dip, Spicy Rice and Salsa – 13sp

One of my lovely friends got me a bottle of Chimichurri dressing for Christmas and, knowing how nice it was in a steak recipe I previously created, I decided to try and create something new. After asking my OH what meat he fancied, his response was ‘pork, or prawns, or both’ so I decided to give both a whirl. If you are making this at home, feel free to make one or the other. I’ve posted the points for both so you can decide which fits in best with your day – a bit of a pick and mix! If you have the points left you might even fancy both.

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Chicken, Bacon and Leek Pasta – 13sp

I don’t use leeks as often as I would like so this week when I picked some up, I decided to pop together a new recipe to try and get me cooking them more often. Leek paired with chicken and bacon is a classic combo often found in a chicken pie. The combination here with pasta is delicious. It is both lovely and silky and creamy whilst not being too naughty. The introduction of pesto really lifts the flavour too. If you fancy you could use the sauce below as a pie mixture. Simply let it cool and then pop into individual pie dishes, top with the pastry of your choice and then bake. I like it as a pasta though as its quick and oh so satisfying.

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Spicy Tuna Burgers – 9sp

When we were on our honeymoon in Sri Lanka we ate A LOT of Sri Lankan food so by the time by got to the last day, we were ready for a change. We stumbled across the most beautiful café with a view over the ocean and watched a turtle playing in the sea whilst we poured over the fantastic menu. I ended up going for a tuna burger which is something I had never had before and I immediately knew I would be having it again. It was such a change from a meat burger, full of flavour and fantastically healthy. So this week, when I fancied a new burger, I thought it was time to give one a go myself. The end result was lovely, really fresh and flavoursome and so low in points.

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Griddled Cajun Chicken – 4sp

On New Year’s Eve the OH and I headed up to Scotland with friends for a celebration. Heading out for lunch, we ended up in a lovely cosy little pub with a mouth-watering food menu. Keen to not over indulge before the excess of the evening ahead, I picked out what I thought was the healthiest thing on the menu and hoped for the best. I was thrilled when the dish arrived and had both an abundance of 0sp elements, but was also bursting with flavour.

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Moroccan Meatballs – 13sp

Having some ‘normal’ healthy food between Christmas and New Year is something I always crave but, given the manic few days I’ve usually had, I can never be bothered to faff around too much. That’s why this recipe is a perfect one to whack out in the post Christmas/ pre New Year period. The meatballs themselves are the exact same meatballs I used in my Lamb Kofta Meatball Kebab recipe so if you made this and made extras, this one will be nice and easy to whip up! If you don’t have them pre made or can’t be bothered to rustle them up from scratch, feel free to use any pre made meatballs that you might get in the supermarket.

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